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  "The traveller"

"The Traveller“

Angelo Kelly has been very busy. In the last two years alone he has released three studio albums, one Live CD and two Live DVD's. More important, together with his band he has been playing his a** off with back to back tours and is truely what you call a „live artist“. In the end of 2007 Angelo went on his first solo & acoustic tour which was inspired by some of his favourite artists like Bob Dylan, Don McLean & Bruce Springsteen. The shows were a huge success and nearly all of them were sold out! AK: „I really enjoyed my first singer/songwriter tour very much. It helped me to grow a lot as an artist, because when you're up there all alone without a band, there is simply nothing left to hide behind.“ Those of you who have seen one of his solo & acoustic performances will agree that he might be one of the most underrated singer/songwriters of the moment.

"The Traveller“ solo & acoustic tour will be starting in January 2009 and will bring Angelo to 20 countries and to some of the most exquisite theatres. AK: „Travelling has been a big part of my life, which is why on this tour I'm going to be singing songs that have a little back story to them. Stories of places that I have been to or have lived in. Also songs of people that I have met, and I will talk about these stories so that it won't just be a show with music. No, my aim is to take the audience on a trip that will be filled with ups and downs, sad but also funny moments.“

Angelo who is an Irish citizen was born in Pamplona/Spain and has lived in countries such as Spain, France, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and the USA. With 26 he has travelled far more then most people get the chance to and so it is only fitting that this tour be called „The Traveller“.

The set list will be a nice balanced mixture of his own material and songs from other artists as well as some traditionals. Be sure to get your ticket in time, because the amount of seats will be limited and this tour could be sold out very soon.

"The Traveller“ solo & acoustic '09

08.01.2009 (D) Dortmund - Olpketal Theater - 20:00 Kartenhaus
09.01.2009 (D) Kassel - Cassalla Theater - 20:00 Kartenhaus
10.01.2009 (CH) Zürich - Labor Bar - 20:00 Starticket
11.01.2009 (D) Leipzig - Theater Pfeffermühle - 19:00 Kartenhaus
15.01.2009 (D) Hannover - Klecks Theater - 20:00 Kartenhaus
16.01.2009 (D) Rostock - Theater im Stadthafen - 20:00 Kartenhaus
17.01.2009 (DK) Solrød - Solrød Bio Theatre - 20:00 Tickets - Kartenhaus
18.01.2009 (D) Flensburg - Niederdeutsche Bühne -19:00 Kartenhaus
21.01.2009 (D) Berlin - Grüner Salon - 20:00 Kartenhaus
22.01.2009 (PL) Warschau - Bialolecki Osrodek Kultury - 20:00 Ticketpro - Kartenhaus
23.01.2009 (PL) Krakau - Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury - 20:00 Ticketpro - Kartenhaus
24.01.2009 (CZ) Prag - Divadlo U Hasicü - 19:00 Ticketstream - Kartenhaus
25.01.2009 (SK) Bratislava - Divadlo West - 20:00 Tickets - Kartenhaus
29.01.2009 (HU) Budapest - Thalia Theatre - 20:00 SOLD OUT
30.01.2009 (SI) Lubljana - Mini Teater - 20:00 SOLD OUT
31.01.2009 (A) Wien - Theater des Augenblicks - 20:00 Oeticket - Kartenhaus
26.02.2009 (D) Frankfurt - Interkulturelle Bühne - 20:00 Kartenhaus
27.02.2009 (I) Bozen - Stadttheater Gries - 20:00 Atthesiaticket - Kartenhaus
28.02.2009 (D) Regensburg - Turmtheater - 20:00 Kartenhaus
01.03.2009 (D) Stuttgart - Club Zentral - 19:00 Kartenhaus New venue
05.03.2009 (D) Koblenz - Theater Konradhaus - 20:00 Kartenhaus
06.03.2009 (D) Würzburg – Theater am Neunerplatz - 20:00 Kartenhaus
07.03.2009 (D) München - Das Schloss Theater - 20:00 München Ticket Kartenhaus
08.03.2009 (D) Dresden -Theaterkahn Dresden - 20:00 Kartenhaus
12.03.2009 (D) Freiburg - Theater in der Fabrik - 20:00 Kartenhaus
13.03.2009 (NL) Apeldoorn - Gigant Theater - 20:00 Gigant Kartenhaus
15.03.2009 (LU) Luxemburg - Théâtre du Centaure - 20:00 Kartenhaus
19.03.2009 (D) Magdeburg - Festung Mark - 20:00 Kartenhaus
20.03.2009 (DK) Århus - Helsingør Theater - 20:00 BILLETNET - Kartenhaus
21.03.2009 (N) Søgne - Søgne Gamle Prestegård - 20:00 Billetservice - Kartenhaus
22.03.2009 (D) Hamburg - Theater in der Basilika - 20:00 Kartenhaus
26.03.2009 (D) Köln - Arkadas Theater - 20:00 Kartenhaus

More tourdates coming soon.

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Angelo Kelly
His koncerts are always owesome and full of energy.He has the power to rock every house.
I've been on many concerts of his and every single time I was having a great fun.His music is very nice.Rock/Pop ..Very positive is fact that Angelo writes all music and lyric by himself!
It's really worth to go and see a great show of his..
Kira Kelly
She's Angelo's wife., also She sings with Him.Her voice is very nice and She is very friendly and sensitive woman.
Florian Bungart
He plays drums in Angelo Kelly's Band.
Very nice man and a great drummer.
Kay Holland & Jens Bachmann
They both are a guitarists and play guitars in Angelo Kelly & Band
Kay-electric guitar
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