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Od dnia dzisiejszego informuje ze stronka ta zawiesza swoją działalność.
Serdecznie zapraszamy na strone
http://img516.imageshack.us/img516/7015/ban1bm4.jpgtam znajdziecie wszystkie potrzebne informacje , jak równierz zdjęcia, nowości, media,filmiki i inne ciekawostki.

From today this site is closed.
From this moment please visit only :

you will find all news and information that you need there as well photos, medisa and other stuff.

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This site run with Angelo's agreement
Angelo Kelly
His koncerts are always owesome and full of energy.He has the power to rock every house.
I've been on many concerts of his and every single time I was having a great fun.His music is very nice.Rock/Pop ..Very positive is fact that Angelo writes all music and lyric by himself!
It's really worth to go and see a great show of his..
Kira Kelly
She's Angelo's wife., also She sings with Him.Her voice is very nice and She is very friendly and sensitive woman.
Florian Bungart
He plays drums in Angelo Kelly's Band.
Very nice man and a great drummer.
Kay Holland & Jens Bachmann
They both are a guitarists and play guitars in Angelo Kelly & Band
Kay-electric guitar
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