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The "Up close" solo & acoustic tour was not only a big success but also a daring step of a young Singer/Songwriter. After three European tours with his band, Angelo Kelly went on the road alone there by performing songs of his and also some from other artists such as U2, Bruce Springsteen and Eric Clapton. Kelly's insightful and humorous anecdotes on the inspiration for the songs make this program much more then just a simple concert but more an intimate musical conversion.The tickets for the shows were sold out in no time and the reviews were just amazing. So for everybody who couldn't get to see one of the shows, we're happy to have documented this great concept and to have captured some of that "Up close" feeling on film for you.


01. One
02. Fields of Athenry
03. Lost sons
04. Wonderful Tonight
05. Leaving on a jet plane
06. I’m coming home
07. I can’t help myself
08. Black is the colour
09. I’ll be your man
10. I trust in you
11. Stay like a child
12. You have a place
13. The River
14. Love is all
15. Waves come and go
16. Finally one
17. Vincent
18. A new beginning


Road Movie

Now available on tour and at the online shop.

I just wath this dvd and hear this cd and really it's worth to have it even if you not Angelo Kelly fan.

The new DVD & CD from the "UP CLOSE" Tour
is now available on tour and at the online shop.

Here you can watch The River

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This site run with Angelo's agreement
Angelo Kelly
His koncerts are always owesome and full of energy.He has the power to rock every house.
I've been on many concerts of his and every single time I was having a great fun.His music is very nice.Rock/Pop ..Very positive is fact that Angelo writes all music and lyric by himself!
It's really worth to go and see a great show of his..
Kira Kelly
She's Angelo's wife., also She sings with Him.Her voice is very nice and She is very friendly and sensitive woman.
Florian Bungart
He plays drums in Angelo Kelly's Band.
Very nice man and a great drummer.
Kay Holland & Jens Bachmann
They both are a guitarists and play guitars in Angelo Kelly & Band
Kay-electric guitar
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