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  interviev with Angelo.

Interviev with Angelo.
Maggie:-From friday we're able to buy your new album "Lost sons" what you
think of this album if you comparing it to "I'm ready " Or "rejoice and
be glad" ?

Angelo: "With my first album "I'M READY" I was searching for the right sound and so it was very mixed up with different music stiles. On "Rejoice and be glad" I kind of worked on a lot of things that I was going through especially the fact that I had stopped working with my brothers and sisters. My new album is more about looking into the future and I think it has much more of the live energy then the other two."

Maggie:-On this album one from tracks is TRAD "Black is the colour" Why you
decide to record this song?

Angelo: "I heard this song on a album from Paul Weller and I knew right away that I had to sing it. I then worked on my own little version of it and just thought it would be a nice way to end the album.

Maggie:-At 12th april you will play for the 4th time in Poland ,are you happy
about it?

Angelo: "Yes, I am very happy to come back. I enjoy the concerts in Poland very much and I'm sure it's going to be great."

Maggie:-How do you like your visit in Koszalin in march?

Angelo: "It was to short. I was only there for three hours becouse I had a meeting with a promoter and there were also some people from the press there. So I did'nt get to see much of the city but I hope next time I'm there I can look around."

Maggie:-)Are we gonna be able to see you on tour at this summer?

Angelo: "I hope so. We are trying our best to make it happen."

Maggie:-)Your plans for 2008 as a musican

Angelo: "Well right now my new album is out and I'm on a release tour with my band. The "UP CLOSE" Live DVD & CD just got finished and is now available on tour or at my Online shop. In the summer my band and I will be playing on some festivals and everything els is still too early to tell."


A big thanks for Sven Lehmann.
It wouldn't be possible without your help.

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I've been on many concerts of his and every single time I was having a great fun.His music is very nice.Rock/Pop ..Very positive is fact that Angelo writes all music and lyric by himself!
It's really worth to go and see a great show of his..
Kira Kelly
She's Angelo's wife., also She sings with Him.Her voice is very nice and She is very friendly and sensitive woman.
Florian Bungart
He plays drums in Angelo Kelly's Band.
Very nice man and a great drummer.
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They both are a guitarists and play guitars in Angelo Kelly & Band
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